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Large Format

The typical large format men’s magazine of 1950’s to the 1970’s, with its mix of pin-up photos, short stories, humour and articles on men’s interests, has its roots in the American magazines of the pre-war era.  1920’s US titles such as Film Fun and Movie Humor began life as film interest magazines but soon changed to being pin-up magazines packed with photos of lightly clad starlets and models.  These were joined in the 1930’s by magazines of a similar format but unashamedly devoted to the female form with such captivating titles as High Heels and Silk Stocking Stories.  You will find these pre-war titles offered for sale in our Vintage Magazines section

In the 1950’s a great many titles appeared in the USA ranging from popular down–market titles to the classier Playboy end of the market.  Many followed the format of mixing modest glamour photography with fiction etc. and maintained an air of semi-respectability, but others, from publishers such as Health Knowledge and American Arts specialised in a rather raunchier photographic content.  British large format magazines really only appeared in the mid-1960’s, and while some titles came and went, a few are now in their sixth decade of production, though most have changed contents, often quite radically, to keep pace with changing public demand.

This section lists both British and American magazines.

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