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British Pocket-Sized

In the Britain of the immediate post-war era, starved of reading material due to wartime paper shortages, it seemed that the public would buy almost anything that appeared on the empty shelves of newsagents.  Little magazines and slim one-off publications began to appear, some containing show-biz glamour photos and the occasional modest "artistic" nude photo.  As paper rationing ended, the number of pin-up titles grew, text was dropped in favour of all photo magazines and in the 1950's the British pocket-sized pin-up magazine came into its own, bringing a ray of sunshine, and a hope for better times, into the grey world of post-war austerity.  These magazines seem to be a peculiarly British institution and continued to be published long after the end of paper shortages.  Maybe the discreet pocket-size appealed to the British purchaser who could slip his copy of Beautiful Britons into his jacket pocket, while the less inhibited French and Americans flaunted their larger format Playboys and Paris Frous Frous!

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