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Harrison Marks

After an early start in the pre-war British movie business as tea-boy and camera assistant, the teenaged Harrison Marks’ photography career began as a street photographer in war-time London. After this early start he left photography behind and went into show business as part of a comedy duo, treading the boards for six years.  Finally he returned to his cameras and, with contacts made as a performer, he set up as a show-business photographer.

While working for Bernard Delfont taking photos at the Prince of Wales Theatre Marks met Pamela Green and the greatest partnership in British glamour began.  Although they were broke they managed to persuade a jobbing printer to produce 15,000 copies of Kamera.  This sold out within a few days and eventually, with reprints, 150,000 copies were sold and a publishing phenomenon was born.

Marks and Pamela Green became the leaders in the field of 1960’s glamour photography.  Beautiful models were photographed not only with great technical skill but also with flair and imagination for magazines which set the standard for quality of printing and production.

Please note: you will also find more recent reprints of Marks' work in the Nostalgia Publications section of this catalogue.

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